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Stop Hair Fall Out And Regrow Your Hair

Hair regrowth treatment involves replenishment of the lost hairs. Hair regrowth treatment is considered as a very effective and long-lasting for growing hairs. The treatment includes filling of hair scalp with stem cells and growth of new hairs with the help of stem cells. Hair regrowth treatment like stem cell therapy is available at Dr. Parthasarathy hospital in Bengaluru.

How many types of hair regrowth treatment are?

There are two types of hair regrowth treatment are
1.      Stem cell therapy- it is groundbreaking hair re-growth treatment that encourages the growth of new hairs in the 3-4 months of receiving therapy. It is completely safe and effective procedure. It is a non-surgical process to encourage and inspire the re-growth of hair follicles. These stem cells are able to renew them by cell division and helps in stimulating the long-dead follicles of the bald area.
2.      PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) treatment- platelet injections is a natural therapy for hair loss in which body own cells regenerate the hair. A sample of blood is collected to provide super regenerative property platelets that have growth factor to grow hairs naturally. It is a non-surgical, effective, reliable and safe process. A person’s own platelets are used in the treatment. These platelets are coupled with the hair root and increase the growth of hair follicle stem cells.

What is the benefit of hair regrowth treatment?

Hair regrowth treatment is used to fill the bald area of the head which do not have hairs or have little thin hairs. Hair regrowth treatment is quite popular these days and bald people are using hair regrowth treatment for providing their hairs a better growth medium.

How does hair regrowth treatment work?

Hair regrowth treatment is a non-surgical therapy that supports the growth of hair follicles naturally. When stem cells or platelets are added to the existing cells, they provide existing cells a better medium to multiply or enhance growth to give excellent results.

At what stage we need to go for hair regrowth treatment?

Hair regrowth treatment can be applied at any stage of life when hair re-growth is required and a person is facing huge hair loss. Dr. Parthasarathy hospital in Bengaluru offers best treatment plans for hair re-growth.

What are the risks of hair regrowth treatment?

Hair re-growth treatment also has some risks such as infections, bleeding, scarring, and a possibility of growth of unnatural new hairs.

Dr. Parthasarathy hospital in Bengaluru provides best hair re-growth treatment facilities in India. The efficient and experienced skin specialists of the clinic provide suitable and effective treatment for hair loss.

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