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Best Dermatologist in Bangalore

Asian Hair and Skin Hospital in Bangalore is the best dermatology hospital in India. Parthasarathi one of the best dermatologist in bangalore specializes in dermatology, cosmetology and trichology. This healing center is the out-happen to every one of his encounters and learnings in the field of dermatology. 

Treatment Provides

Post recognition he has joined his experts in dermatology at Kasturaba Medical College(KMC),mangalore.He has done his MD under the guidence of Prof.Dr.Maria Kuruvila, Prof.Dr.Narendra Kawath and Prof.Dr Pramod Kumar. In the wake of completing his MD he came down to bangalore and began rehearsing dermatology and cosmetology. Within couple of years he turned into a surely understood dermatologist and established this healing facility in Oct 2014.

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